Last week I wrote about the great little universal Arca-type plate from Breakthrough Photography, and it reminded me to mention their lens caps too. I like to keep a stash of spare lens caps in my gear closet because I’ve wasted far too much time over the years looking for ones that have been lost. Life is too short for that! I’ve come to peace with lens cap loss! If I can’t find a lens cap within 30 seconds, I just move on. More often than not, they simply turn up again anyway and if they don’t, Breakthrough Photography make brilliant lens caps for just a few dollars.

It hasn’t been that long since Canon adopted the centre pinch style of lens cap, and when they did, I found it so much better that I went in search of some third part ones in the same style to replace my old Canon ones. These were the ones I found! In the past I’ve also tried the super duper mega cheap ones that you order from China, but frankly I don’t think they are worth bothering with. Manufacturing tolerances were…how shall I put it…? Vague?

Here in Canada we get free shipping from B&H Photo when you spend over $100, and if I’m ever just a little short on that number, I use these lens caps to bump me up to the threshold, ensuring I have a good stash in my cupboard for those forgetful days.

You can get them from Amazon, or B&H Photo.

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