I’ve just started testing out the impressive new Luminar editing software from Mac developers, Macphun. There’s a good reason why Apple have picked these guys for the Best of the Mac App Store for 5 years in a row! Luminar has a lot of powerful features, and allows layer-based editing which is something sorely lacking in Adobe Lightroom. On top of that, Luminar doesn’t require a subscription like the Adobe apps.

Whenever I learn new software I always like to collate all of the keyboard shortcuts so that I can begin to work on a nice fast workflow. Editing photos is a necessity, but I’ll be honest, I’d much rather be with my camera in the field! Learning some shortcuts always speeds things up and gets me back out there quicker.

With that in mind, here’s all the handy Macphun Luminar keyboard shortcuts for you!

Option Key
Command Key
Shift Key
Control KeyCtrl
Return Key
Alt KeyAlt


CCrop tool
⌘+DDenoise Tool
⌘+EErase Tool
⌘+JClone&Stamp tool
⌘+TTransform Tool
JShow/hide “hot” and “cold” pixels
RRadial Mask mode
GGradian Mask mode
BBrush Mode
HHand Mode
Show/hide preset panel and side panel
;Activate/deactivate split-screen comparison
\Activate before/after comparison

Luminar Menu

⌘+,Open Preferences
⌘+HHide Luminar
⌘+QQuit Luminar

File Menu

⌘+OOpen Image
⌘+WClode File
⌘+BOpen Batch Processing Mode
⌘+SSave File
⌘+⇧+SSave As
⌘+⇧+FShow Original File in Finder
⌘+⇧+EExport Image
⌘+⇧+PPage Setup

Edit Menu


Mask Editing

[Decrease Brush Radius
]Increase Brush Radius
⇧+[Decrease Brush Softness
⇧+]Increase Brush Softness
XSwitch between Painting/Erasing modes
/Show current layer mask in red
⌘+IInvert Layer Mask


View Menu

⌘++Zoom In
⌘+-Zoom Out
⌘+1Original Size
⌘+0Fit to Screen
JShow Clipping
IHide Image Info
⌘+Ctrl+FFull Screen Mode

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