Fujifilm GF Lens Roadmap – UPDATED

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Fujifilm likes to keep people informed about upcoming lenses, and about once a year, they offer up a roadmap that outlines lens releases for the next 12-24 months.

Fujifilm’s latest GF lens roadmap.

This most recent GF lens roadmap was unveiled in September 2023, and from it, we can see two as-yet-unreleased lenses:

The first lens is a 500mm super-telephoto lens with an f/5.6 aperture. In full-frame 35mm terms, this lens’ field of view would be equivalent to a 395mm lens. With the GF 1.4x teleconverter attached, this would extend the equivalent FOV to 553mm. When launched (here), the GF 500mm lens will be the longest medium format lens on the market by quite some margin.

Wildlife photographers do not usually use medium format cameras, but the reason for this was, historically, a lack of super-telephoto lens options. This is about to change, and for wildlife photographers looking to capture the ultimate image quality, it should be something rather special when paired with a camera like the GFX 100 II.

The second new lens on the roadmap is a standard zoom lens with a power zoom function. We have no information about the focal range or aperture of this lens. All we can tell from the model naming is that it will be designed for those who want to shoot video with their GFX cameras. Based on the lens’s position on the roadmap, you could surmise it will have a widest focal length of around 32-34mm.

You can view a complete list of Fujifilm GF lenses and their specifications here.

Old GF Lens Roadmaps

January 2020

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