REVIEW: Peak Design Pro Pad for Capture Clip (2017 version)

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The new version of the Pro Pad updates the design to fit into the current Peak Design aesthetic. It’s a much sleeker looking product, and considerably smaller too. The photos on this page also include comparisons to the older version.

As I’ve come to expect from these guys, the product is impeccably made, and the combination of the newer looking Capture Clip and Pro Pad is a smart solution that would be great for wedding photographers that are already dressed up for the occasion.

There’s a little less padding on the new Pro Pad, but what padding there is, is stiffer. The overall effect is that it feels similar to the older one, and basically just keeps awkward edges and bulges from directly rubbing on your hips. I don’t believe there would be any more discomfort with this new version, even though it is skinnier.

Setting the Pro Pad up correctly is VERY important. You must pass the back of the Capture Clip through this loop, and then fold the tongue down. This stops the Capture Clip from sliding down, and makes it impossible for it to slip off.

New Pro Pad on the left with the new V3 Capture Clip
Old Pro Pad on the top, new Pro Pad on the bottom.

Does It Work With Old Capture Clips?

Here’s an old V2 Capture Clip on the new Pro Pad.

Yes. Whilst the styling of the new Pro Pad is definitely more in keeping with the new Capture Clip V3, there’s no functional reason why you can’t use the older v1 or v2 Clips with the new Pro Pad.

All in all, I think it’s a great little accessory if you think you are going to carry the camera all day. Casual shooters probably won’t need this, especially if you have a lighter weight mirrorless camera, but for event and wedding photographers who carry bigger cameras for prolonged periods, it’s definitely a worthwhile accessory for $20(eventual retail price).

Where to Buy + Special Offer

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