All Sony a1 Firmware Updates With a Complete Changelog

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How to Check Sony a1 Firmware Version

The latest Sony a1 firmware version is V1.20. If you are not sure which version you are using, you can find out by going to MENU → (Setup) → [Setup Option] → [Version]. If you see a number that is less than 1.20, it is recommended to update to the latest firmware.

Sony a1 Firmware Update Changelog

Sony a1 Firmware v1.20

Release Date: December 2nd 2021

  1. Added support for FTP transfer in active mode
  2. Improved operational stability

v1.20 Comments

The v1.20 firmware is a relatively minor update for most users. Improved operational stability is always good, but there have not been any wide-ranging reports of Sony a1 issues since the primary launch-day problems were fixed with the v1.10 update. For sports photographers using FTP connections to deliver files to wire service editors, the addition of an active FTP mode is welcomed. Previously, only a passive FTP connection mode was enabled.

Sony a1 Firmware v1.10

Release Date: June 29th 2021

  • Improves overall AF performance and stability
  • Improves operability when using the Remote Camera Tool app
    Note: Make sure you have updated the Remote Camera Tool app to the most recent version
  • Improves eye sensor detection performance with strong light sources, such as sunlight
  • Improves operational stability when using the Imaging Edge Mobile apps
  • Improves operational stability when using the SEL100400GMSEL200600G, or SEL600F40GM lens
  • Improves the overall stability of the camera

v1.10 Comments

Many Sony Alpha 1 users reported a situation where the eye sensor would fail to signal the EVF to turn on when the camera was lifted to your eye. In all cases, this was caused by an excessively bright light shining into the eye sensor from over the photographer’s shoulder. It’s great to see that Sony has fixed this issue with the latest v1.10 firmware.

It has also been reported online that this update fixes the IBIS issue that was widely reported. I personally did not see this issue with my own Sony a1, but many people complained that it would take several seconds for IBIS to kick in once the shutter button or af-on button was pressed. I’m unsure why Sony has not marked this as fixed in the firmware notes, but several reports suggest that it has now been dealt with.

Sony a1 Firmware v1.01

Release Date: April 15th 2021

  • Fixes an issue where a Picture Profile may be applied even though the Picture Profile feature is set to Off
  • Improves the operational stability of the camera when using Imaging Edge Desktop (Remote) or Imaging Edge Mobile

Sony a1 Firmware v1

The Sony a1 was launched on January 27th 2021. The initial batch of publicly available cameras shipped with firmware version v1.0.

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