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I can’t personally remember when Photo Mechanic was last on sale, maybe it never has been, but it is now! What with one thing and another (this is how I think I will start referring to the Covid-19 Pandemic), many companies are looking for ways to help out customers who are experiencing a downturn in income. Now Camera Bits, makers of Photo Mechanic, are joining that list.

Right now, until the end of April, you can save $40 on upgrades from previous versions of the software, and $15 on new licenses. In fact I just used this sale myself to upgrade from PM5 to PM6 today because that’s a great deal.

Feature Update: Spotlight Search is Back!

Older versions of the Mac version of Photo Mechanic has a search bar above the folder structure panel that allowed you to tap into the spotlight search function that is built into Mac OSX. At some point this was removed due to some issues with finding RAW files, but it was a feature that many people actually used. After receiving enough user feedback about this feature removal, Photo Mechanic informed me that this has now been re-implemented into the latest version of Photo Mechanic 6. Gotta love it when a company listens to their user like that 🙂

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