Month: January 2018

3 Big Reasons You Should Be Using an L-Plate on Your Camera

An L-plate (sometimes called an L-bracket) is an accessory that stays permanently attached to your camera and allows you to clamp it to the ballhead on your tripod. When I purchased my first L-plate about a decade ago, it was one of those “why the heck didn’t I do this before!!” moments, and since then I’ve had one on every camera I own. When people see me using it, or when I post photos of my camera setup on social media, I often get questions from people asking about “the funny bracket thing”. If you want to delve really...

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Mountain Smith Kit Cube Review

Mountainsmith collaborated with adventure photographer Chris Burkhard to create a photography backpack called the Tanuck 40, and a waist pack called the Tanack 10 (no, that’s not a typo – Tanuck/Tanack). Stay tuned for a full review of the smaller Tanack very soon. These bags are sold without any kind of camera protection in them, but there is a line of camera inserts designed for the bags, called TAN Kit Cubes (Tough As Nails).  The Mountainsmith TAN Kit Cubes are available in three different sizes, and in this quick review we’ll be taking a look at the small and...

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My Photo Backup Routine – Early 2018

I started this particular series of posts back in 2015 by detailing my photography backup routine and outlining some of the basic strategies for a safe and redundant backup system. If you’re uncertain about the basics, you should start with that post first and then work through the full series which you can find here. I write this series because I want to draw attention to the importance of backing up your photos. Once again, last month one of my friends had a hard drive failure and lost most of the photos she had taken in 2017 because she didn’t take...

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