Affinity Photo is a new image editing app that burst onto the scene in the last few months.  The software will look quite familiar to Adobe Photoshop users, and it allows a similar style of layer-based photo manipulation.  With Adobe moving to a subscription based model, Affinity has gone the other way and the app is available in the Mac App Store for a one-time purchase.


I’ve created an easy-reference PDF that you can store on your smartphone, laptop or tablet and always have it to hand.  I know what it’s like with shortcuts… we remember the basic ones pretty easily, but after periods of inactivity with specific software we forget a few of the other ones.  No need to remember where to look on the internet though with this handy guide!

UPDATE: A few people expressed interest in paying a small amount of money for the PDF rather than joining our montly newsletter, so we have added the item to our store if you would prefer that.





Mac keyboard symbol key

Option Key
Command Key
Shift Key
Control KeyCtrl
Return Key
Alt KeyAlt

Affinity Photo Shortcuts


Editing shortcuts

Resize Document⌥-⌘I
Resize Canvas⌥-⌘C
Rotate in 15° intervals⇧-drag
Rotate around opposite cornerCtrl-drag
Cancel a sizing, moving, or creating operationesc
Resize from centre⌘-drag from a corner handle
Mirror shearing⌘-drag
Constrain movement horizontally, vertically or diagonally⇧-drag
Select multiple⇧-click
Select overlapping layer content⌥-click
Reset Selection Box.
Toggle Snapping;
Picks up a new brush colour⌥-drag
Change selected layer content/brush tool’s opacitynumeric keys (4=40%, 43=43%, etc.)
Increase/decrease brush width (Photo and Liquify Personas)] [
Decrease/increase brush width with on-screen readoutCtrl-⌥-drag (left/right)
Decrease/increase brush hardness with on-screen readoutCtrl-⌥-drag (up/down)
Erase with Pixel Tool
Switch between Stroke/Fill (or Colour 1/Colour 2) colour selectors (Colour and Swatches panels)X
Swap Stroke/Fill (or Colour 1/Colour 2) colour selectors⇧X
Set No fill on Stroke/Fill (or Colour 1/Colour 2) colour selectors/ (International and selected keyboards only)
Toggle between Crop Tool overlaysO
Modify attribute listed on a panel or dialogDrag attribute text label

Vector graphic shortcuts

Resize maintaining aspect ratio⇧-drag from a corner handle
Edit curves as you draw
Creates cusp node (sharp corner)⌥-drag control handle
Snap a curve’s control handle to 45° intervals⇧-drag control handle
Convert to Curves⌘↵


File shortcuts

New Document⌘N
New From Clipboard⌥⇧⌘N
Open Document⌘O
Close Document/Close App (when no documents open)⌘W
Switch DocumentCtrl⇥
Save As⇧⌘S


Tools shortcuts

Flood Fill Tool / Gradient cycleG
View ToolH
Move ToolV
Crop ToolC
Selection Tools cycleW
Pen and Node Tool cycleP
Zoom ToolZ
Clone ToolS
Shape Tools cycleU
Text Tools cycleT
Dodge, Burn and Sponge Brush Tool cycleO
Retouch Tools cycleJ
Painting Tools cycleB
Erase Tools cycleE
Marquee Selection Tools cycleM
Free Hand Selection ToolL
Action (Liquify Persona only)Key
Liquify Push Forward ToolP
Liquify Push Left ToolL
Liquify Twirl ToolT
Liquify Pinch ToolU
Liquify Turbulence ToolB
Liquify Mesh Clone ToolC
Liquify Reconstruct ToolR
Liquify Freeze ToolF
Liquify Thaw ToolW
Liquify Zoom ToolZ
Liquify View ToolH
Action (Develop Persona only)Key
Sampler ToolS
White Balance ToolW
Red Eye Removal ToolR
Blemish Removal ToolL
Overlay Paint ToolB
Overlay Erase ToolE
Overlay Gradient ToolG
Crop ToolC
Zoom ToolZ
View ToolH
Action (Export Persona only)Key
Slice ToolS
Layer Select toolL


Edit shortcuts

Copy Merged⇧⌘C
Paste Style⇧⌘V
Paste FXCtrl⌘V
Paste without Format⌥⇧⌘V
Paste Inside⌥⌘V
Resize Document⌥⌘I
Resize Canvas⌥⌘C


Layer operations shortcuts

Select All Layers⌥⌘A
Move to Front⇧⌘]
Move Forward One⌘]
Move to Back⇧⌘[
Move Back One⌘[
New Layer⇧⌘N
Merge Down⌘E
Merge Selected⇧⌘E
Merge Visible⌥⇧⌘E
Toggle between Frequency Separation layersF


Text shortcuts

Bigger text⌘>
Smaller text⌘<
Precise bigger text⌥⌘>
Precise smaller text⌥⌘<
Tighten More⌥⌘←
Loosen More⌥⌘→
Show Character⌘T
Show Typography⇧⌘T
Align Centre⇧⌘\
Justify Left⇧⌥⌘\
Increase Leading⌥↓
Decrease Leading⌥↑
Precise Increase Leading⌥⌘↓
Precise Decrease Leading⌥⌘↑
Special CharactersCtrl⌘Spacebar
Spelling Options⇧⌘;
Line BreakCtrl↵
Non Breaking Space⌥Spacebar
En Dash⌥-
Em Dash⌥⇧-


View shortcuts

Zoom In⌘+
Zoom Out⌘-
Zoom to Fit⌘0
(Zoom to) 100%⌘1
(Zoom to) 200%⌘2
(Zoom to) 400%⌘3
(Zoom to) 800%⌘4
(Zoom to) Actual Size⌘8
(Zoom to) Pixel Size⌘9
Hot key panningSpacebar
Hot key zoomingSpacebar⌘
Scroll vertically up/downMouse scroll wheel
Scroll horizontally left/right⇧+Mouse wheel
Toggle Full ScreenCtrl⇧F
Switch between views⇧`
Show Rulers
Show Guides⇧R
Show Grid⇧’
Grid Plane cycle
Split View cycle (Liquify/Develop Persona),


Pixel selection/Mask shortcuts

Select All⌘A
Invert Pixel Selection⇧⌘I
Add to selection (Marquee/Free hand selection tools only)Ctrl
Remove from selection
Refine Edges⌥⌘R
Move selection in 1-pixel incrementsarrow key
Move selection in 10-pixel increments⇧arrow key
Selection from layer⌘-click layer thumbnail or O
Selection from layer luminosity⇧⌘-click layer thumbnail
Polygon selection (Freehand Selection Tool only)⇧⌘-click on page.
Quick MaskQ
Invert Mask⌘I


Workspace shortcuts

Show/Hide Studio (panels)⇧⌘H
Show/Hide Toolbar⌥⌘T
Toggle UI
Hide Workspace⌘H


Adjustment and Filter shortcuts

Levels (Adjustment)⌘L
HSL (Adjustment)⌘U
Invert (Adjustment)⌘I
Curves (Adjustment)⌘M
Black and White (Adjustment)⌥⇧⌘B
Repeat Filter⌘F


Liquify Persona shortcuts

Mask All⌘D
Clear Mask⌘A


Misc shortcuts

Liquify Persona⌥⌘L
Export Persona⌥⌘E
Hide Others (applications)⌥⌘H
Media Browser⇧⌘M

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