8 Reasons you don’t want to miss this crazy deal…

  1. $127 for $3300 worth of products! Well you’ve got to start with this one really don’t you?  You could go and buy all of these products individually from their respective creators, but it would cost you over $3300!  There’s no catch here, all of these products are the real deal, the full product.  No demos or sneaky tricks like that!   2. UNIQUE content None of the products in this bundle have appeared in any other photography bundle. Ever.  There’s no need to worry about duplicate content if you’ve previously purchased a similar bundle deal.  You’ll get your full …

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Krystle Wright – What’s in your bag?

Australian photographer and filmmaker, Krystle Wright, has what many people would consider the “dream job”. As one of the world’s leading adventure photographers, she’s perpetually on the move and seemingly always carrying an interesting array of camera gear to help with her work for clients such as Red Bull, Outside Magazine and National Geographic.

best way to name image files for seo

Image SEO – How To Name Your Files

Optimizing images for SEO is an important step in the overall optimization of your website. Correctly naming your files is a crucial step in this process. Find out the best way to name your image files so that they show up in Google searches.

Impact Shooting Table Review

Today we’re taking a quick look at a shooting table from Impact. These can be handy for macro photography, or product photography when working with small objects, like jewelry. I often want to take quick photos of small review items, so I’ve wanted to check out a shooting table for some time. The Impact Shooting Table is only $89 from B&H Photo, so it’s an affordable solution, and it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. What’s important, is to be able to quickly get that infinite white backdrop, and I was hoping a table like this could do it with a …

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