Lowepro Highline RL x400 Travel Roller Bag Review

Lowepro’s First Travel Bags Lowepro have been making photography bags for decades, but recently they launched a series of travel bags that applies their knowledge to a new market. I was particularly interested in the Highline series, but it must be underlined that the Highline backpacks in that range are not camera bags at all. They have no internal padding for camera gear whatsoever. It’s a Lowerpro bag, but not as you’ve seen before! At the top of the Highline series is the x400 roller bag, and this one instantly peaked my interest for a number of reasons. The backpacks …

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Lowepro Whistler Backpack Review

Lowepro’s Whistler line of outdoor and adventure photo packs are designed to be rugged and weather resistant for adventurous pursuits. How does it stack up to the competition? Given that I have lived in the town that the bag is named after, for over a decade, it seemed like something I should take a good long look at.