REVIEW: Nixplay Seed Digital Picture Frame

In this review I’m going to take a close look at a small internet-connected digital picture frame that allows you to display playlists of chosen photos. I’ll also explain how you can team this thing up with Adobe Lightroom to create a nearly seamless process for sharing your latest photos with the rest of your friends and family, even if they are the other side of the world!

Numbering Your Fine Art Print Editions

I’ve never really featured print sales as a part of my business model up to this point in my career. For a long time, the type of photography I was doing editorially and commercially just didn’t lend itself to print sales. The kind of image I might sell to a large company like Nike or Red Bull was great for a eye-catching advert, but rarely was it something most people would hang on their wall for an extended period of time. Though many posters have adorned the walls of teenager’s bedrooms, these are far from “Fine Art” sales. Recently I’ve really …

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