Author: Dan Carr

MindShift Rotation 180 Panorama Backpack

The MindShift Rotation 180 Panorama backpack is the new photography bag featuring MindShift’s unique Rotation 180 technology to allow access to your gear without removing your backpack. Perfect for outdoor photography, adventure photography and generally anyone who likes to spend their time shooting outdoors.

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Find Out If Your Adobe Password Was Hacked!

150 million Adobe accounts were hacked and the passwords were posted to the internet. Adobe seems to think they don’t have to notify everyone about this. My password was hacked, yet I never got a note from them to tell me. Thankfully there is an easy way you can find out of yours was one of the compromised accounts…

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Self Portrait Mountain Bike Photos With Pocketwizards

I’ve always thought it would be fun to be the subject of one of my own photos so this summer I set out to capture some mountain bike photos using a custom setup with a trigger switch and PocketWizards mounted to my bike. I’m pretty pleased with the resulting images so I’m going to dissect the setup for you here and maybe you’ll be inspired to try the same kind of thing sometime with a sport that you enjoy!

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