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These new bags were funded via Kickstarter and are now available on the Peak Design store.

At the end of 2015, photography accessory manufacturer Peak Design launched their incredibly popular Kickstarter campaign for the Everyday Messenger bag. Before the campaign was over, they’d raised over $4.5million and broken some serious Kickstarter records! This week their back at it again, and now they’re looking to expand their photography bag lineup by introducing the Everyday Backpack, the Everyday Tote and the Everyday Sling. Being the kings of Kickstarter, they set a $500,000 goal and promptly blew through that (and the $1million) in a single day.

Kickstarter Time Remaining

Given the popularity of the original messenger bag, there was never any doubt that these new additions to the lineup would get funded. The great thing about Peak Design using Kickstarter is that you guys can make a good saving on the products at these introductory prices, but without any of the risks that would normally be associated with backing smaller, unproven companies using this launch method. There’s a very good reason that these guys have been featured multiple times on Forbes, talking about just how good they are at using Kickstarter to launch products!

Everyday Backpack


The new Everyday Backpack will be available in two sizes, and it features side access zippers for sling-style operation, as well as a top opening flap with the innovative MagLatch system seen on the Everyday Messenger. The backpack will be available in two sizes, 20L and 30L, and it’s important to note that these quoted volumes are for when the top section of the pack is using the MagLatch at it’s most expanded position. This means the 20L version actually has a variable volume from 12-20L, whilst the 30L varies between 18-30L. Along with the main camera compartment, both sizes of pack also hold up to a 15″ laptop.


Looking at the images, it appears the packs use the same tough, rubberized material on their base as the Messenger does – a particularly nice feature that I liked during my time testing that original bag. There’s also a ton of accessory storage space within the side doors for stowing your batteries, memory cards and computer accessories.

Kickstarter pricing for the backpacks starts at $199 for the 20L and $219 for the 30L. Once the bags are in full production and available in the Peak Design online store, they will retail for $260 and $290 respectively, so there’s a good saving to be had by getting in on the ground floor. Final bags will be delivered in December.

Without a doubt, this will be the most popular of the new products so if you’re thinking of backing this, get in now while the lower priced options are available.

Everyday Tote


The Everyday Tote is a pretty unique product for urban camera carrying, I’m struggling to think of a similar product by another camera bag manufacturer! It features a 20L capacity, dedicated 15″ laptop pocket, side opening flaps and a magnetic top closure system.


Kickstarter pricing for the tote starts at $145 and final retail price will be $190 when it lands in the stores.

Everyday Sling


The Everyday Sling looks like the baby brother to the Everyday Messenger. It only has a 10L capacity, and you won’t be fitting a laptop in this one, but it’ll hold a 10″ tablet, a camera and a couple of lenses. This could be a great solution for mirrorless users who are looking for something small for urban carry.

Kickstarter pricing for the Sling starts at $115 and retail pricing will be $150 when it’s available in stores at the end of the year.

Where to Buy

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