Photography Bucket List: Goodwood Revival

The Goodwood Revival was hiding there on my photography bucket list before I even realized it. I’ve been obsessed with cars for as long as I can remember, but it took a fateful bus ride and a chance meeting with Nova Scotia-based automotive artist Paul Chenard, to introduce me to the event that would dramatically boost my creative confidence and completely re-map what I thought was possible with my photography career. In 2011 I was living Halifax and had somehow managed to become the official photographer for both the local track Scotia Speedworld and the Maritime Pro Stock Tour. Regularly …

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Mountain bike self portraits dan carr

How to Take Self Portrait Mountain Bike Photos With Pocketwizards

I’ve always thought it would be fun to be the subject of one of my own photos so this summer I set out to capture some mountain bike photos using a custom setup with a trigger switch and PocketWizards mounted to my bike. I’m pretty pleased with the resulting images so I’m going to dissect the setup for you here and maybe you’ll be inspired to try the same kind of thing sometime with a sport that you enjoy!