Best Camera Rain Covers in 2022

A camera rain cover is essential to a photographer’s kit because sometimes the best photographic opportunities occur in bad weather. You can safely protect thousands of dollars worth of gear for just a few dollars!

Fuji Lens Terminology and Abbreviations

Hello photography fans! Welcome to the latest in our series of manufacturer lens guides, where we take a headfirst dive down the rabbit hole that is lens terminology and abbreviations so that you don’t have to! Today ladies and gentlemen we will be attempting to unravel the nomenclature of stalwart industry giant Fujifilm! Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd was founded in 1934 with ambitions to become Japan’s first manufacturer of photographic films. In the 1940’s, having achieved their initial objective the company expanded into the optical glass and equipment industry, manufacturing various products including X-ray and printing equipment. Fuji remained …

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What Is the Best Photography Bean Bag Fill?

I wanted to write this post because I wish it’s something I’d have read myself a few years ago when I started getting into wildlife photography. The answer to the question “What is the best photography beanbag fill?” seems obvious to me now with experience, but for a while I was getting it all wrong! What is a photography beanbag for? I’m sure there will be a few people who are unfamiliar with the usage of a beanbag in photography, so let’s start with a brief overview. Beanbags take two main forms: The first is a U-shaped bag that sits …

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