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Save 10% on Peak Design Gear

To save 10% on Peak Design gear just click one of our links to the PD website, like this one and spend more than $19.95. The discount will be automatically applied to your order at the checkout point, up to the maximum of a $15 discount on any single order.


This $15 discount limit per order does mean that anyone making large purchases of multiple items can save more if they split their purchases into multiple orders. Something to consider….

Example: If you bought an Everyday Backpack, a Slide Strap and Capture Clip in a single order, you would save $15.  But if you split that order into two orders, and ordered the backpack on one order, and the Capture and Slide on a second order, you’ll save $15 on each order, giving you a $30 saving. 😉

Just trying to help you guys out a bit more!

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