The Neil Ever Osborne Interview

Matt’s next interview guest is Toronto-based conservation photographer Neil Ever Osborne. The two on an expedition into the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in 2018, and after all the blisters and discussions they had over 13 days on the tundra, he knew that he’d make a fascinating guest for his interview series.

REVIEW: MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Kit

It’s often beneficial to use a little fill flash in wildlife photography to brighten up the shadows on a backlit animal, or add a catch light into something’s eye to help it look a little more alive. You can pretty much forget about ever doing these things with a pop-up flash, they simply don’t have enough power, so that means you’ll most likely be looking at a hot shoe flash. If you’ve used one before, you might have noticed that they sometimes have zoom settings on them which help you to control the focus of the flash output to suit …

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10 Top Tips for Photographing Wildlife from a Boat

In this article we will take an in-depth look at wildlife photography from a boat. I cover everything from the best gear to use, how to stabilize your shots, the kind of boats you should use, and techniques to help you bring back a better, more rounded portfolio of images from a trip. If you’re planning a trip that involves any photography from a boat, you should definitely read this. Even if you’re not, perhaps the photos from the article might inspire you to!

Wildlife Photography Pro Tip: How to Select your Best Images

The importance of careful image selection is a greatly underestimated task in any situation where you’re photographing the same subject for more than just a couple off photos. On a wildlife photography safari or expedition, it’s often the case that you’ll get to spend several minutes photographing a single animal, which can lead to a huge number of similar images. Being able to narrow that selection to the very best ones, before you begin your edit, is a skill that’s not often talked about. In this post we’re going to take a look at a series of images from a …

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