Packing For Cambodia, Hong Kong and Bangkok

Every trip and destination has its own specific requirements in terms of camera and personal gear. On this particular trip I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling around once I get to my destination. I’ll be using trains, Tuk Tuks, speedboats and 4×4 jeeps among other things so it’s imperative that I pack lightly so my luggage doesn’t adversely affect the trip. My goal with this trip was to pack just one carry on bag with all my camera and computer gear, and one checked bag with support gear and clothing. For the checked bag I chose the awesome Arcteryx Covert case which works very well for this style of trip since it’s rugged but also keeps a low profile. I don’t want anyone to take a second look at my bags and start wondering what’s in them. It has stow-able shoulder straps if you have to pack it on your back short distances and it has handles on nearly every side for slinging it around in and out of buses, jeeps and boats.

Increasing Engagement With Facebook Photos – Post Multiple Images

Facebook has become an integral part of many creative businesses’ marketing strategies and central to many of these plans is spreading the word about how awesome your photography is by sharing images.  Since Google+ was launched and was such a hit with photographers, Facebook has been trying to smarten up the way they work with images in your news feed.  One of the changes they have made this year is in the way they display your post when you have just uploaded multiple images or a new gallery.  I’ve posted this quick 4-image gallery from my recent testing of the …

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Mindshift Panorama Padded Insert Review – Do You Need It?

Important Note: This padded insert was specifically designed for the MindShift Rotation 180 Panorama backpack. This pack is now out of production and has been superseded by the MindShift Rotation 22L. You can read my MindShift Rotation 22L review for more details. Mindshift makes a couple of different padded inserts for their photography backpacks and this one is for the Mindshift Rotation 180 Panorama backpack. The Panorama backpack doesn’t have back panel access to the interior of the bag like the Rotation 180 Professional does so the accompanying padded insert also only opens at the top.  It opens nice and …

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Henrik Sorensen

Henrik Sorensen Underwater Fashion Shoot

When Danish photographer Henrik Sorensen was approached by Hasselblad to produce the campaign for the new H5D camera, he decided to do a twisted take on Denmark as a fairytale country.

Henrik is well known for his underwater work and he worked with one of the best underwater lighting teams to create the incredible final images. We get to see a little behind the scenes in this video to give you some idea of the scale of the production that leads to such stunning results. If this doesn’t get your creative juices going then nothing will!

Where to find Henrik?

Henrik Sorensen’s incredible work can be seen on his website here.

He also has an active blog where he posts his latest work here.

Henrik Sorensen
Photo: Henrik Sorensen
Jonathan Mahring

Jonathan Mehring Talks About His World Travels And Skateboard Photography

“It’s just an expansion of the high school road trip. You got your drivers license and you’re heading out into the unknown.” —Jonathan Mehring

Skateboard photographer Jonathan Mehring has a passion for travel as much as he does skateboarding.  When the video starts and Jonathan is heard reeling off the list of places he has travelled to in the world you could be forgiven for thinking he works for Lonely Planet or some other travel publication.  Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, the Canary Islands, Russia, Mongolia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and the Amazon. Skateboarding gives reason to his travels though and his breathtaking work combines the action with incredible travel images from all corners of the globe.  If you have an interest in action sports photography, this is a guy who is doing something different and combining travel images with action in a beautiful way.

You can view more of Jonathan’s work on his website.

Luke Massey

Luke Massey Talks About His Wildlife Photography

Luke Massey is a young British wildlife photographer who shares some of his bird photography in this short video.  He was recently selected as one of 2020Vision’s young champions. The 2020 Vision team carry out assignments that aim to communicate the connection between habitat restoration and our own well being.  It’s a great little video that shows some wonderful British wildlife and Luke makes the important point that with wildlife photography success comes not just from patience but also knowing your subject inside and out.  Knowing their routines, their habitats and their behaviour.