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I have always been a fan of the MindShift Rotation 180 series. In fact, the original R180 Pro was the very first camera bag that was ever reviewed on this site. MindShift recently redesigned the entire R180 lineup and after a successful launch on Kickstarter, the bags are now in stock on their website for the first time. You can buy them here: Rotation 22L, Rotation 34L, Rotation 50L, Rotation Accessories.

Note: These new product names replace the old R180 Panorama, Horizon and Professional.

Full Reviews

I tested all three of these bags during the pre-production phase. You can find my usual in-depth reviews at the links below. Each written review also includes an in-depth video walkthrough of the bag.

Quick R180 System Demo

Rather than a wordy explanation, this video quickly demonstrates the unique feature of the R180 series.

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