Author: Dan Carr

New Larger Images For Facebook Link Sharing Benefits Photographers

Facebook have rolled out more changes to their system which benefit photographers. This time increasing the size of images that get shared in both the feed and on the page when you share a link to any page on the internet. This means that images on your site can be used to really boost your posts presence in people’s feeds.

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Packing For Cambodia, Hong Kong and Bangkok

Every trip and destination has its own specific requirements in terms of camera and personal gear. On this particular trip I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling around once I get to my destination. I’ll be using trains, Tuk Tuks, speedboats and 4×4 jeeps among other things so it’s imperative that I pack lightly so my luggage doesn’t adversely affect the trip. My goal with this trip was to pack just one carry on bag with all my camera and computer gear, and one checked bag with support gear and clothing. For the checked bag I chose the awesome Arcteryx Covert case which works very well for this style of trip since it’s rugged but also keeps a low profile. I don’t want anyone to take a second look at my bags and start wondering what’s in them. It has stow-able shoulder straps if you have to pack it on your back short distances and it has handles on nearly every side for slinging it around in and out of buses, jeeps and boats.

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