50 Best Photography Gifts Under $50 in 2021

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It can be difficult to pick good gifts for photographers if you’re not one yourself. That’s why we’ve put together this list of great photography gifts under $50 to help you get your photographer friends the gear that they’ll appreciate, without breaking the bank.

Importantly, all of these gifts are universally useful items. You do not need to know what kind of camera system your friend is shooting with. It doesn’t matter if they shoot Canon, Nikon, Sony or some other brand, the items on this list will work for them.

Photography Gifts Under $50

  1. Petzl Actik Headlamp – Every landscape and wildlife photographer needs a good headlamp to get safely out for sunrise photo sessions, or return after sunset. I personally use and love the Petzl ones.
  2. The Soul of the Camera by David DuChemin – A wonderful book for all photography abilities that teaches us how to connect with your photographic audience. *Books are a great gift, and easy to ship.*
  3. Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap – Stylish, lightweight camera strap with a quick release system and multiple carrying options.
  4. Think Tank Emergency Camera Rain Cover – An innovative new protective camera cover that will keep rain or snow off any camera. Ultra lightweight and packable.
  5. MindShift Gear Filter Nest Filter Holder – A convenient, slim but well-padded case to hold all those photographic filters. Can be used inside a camera bag or attached to the outside. Also attaches to a tripod.
  6. Anker PowerCore Lite 10,000mAh Battery – A lightweight, pocket-sized battery pack that can charge phones or cameras on the go.
  7. LensCoat LensSack – This beanbag is used to stabilize lenses for wildlife photography. Particularly when lying on the ground, or shooting through the open window of a vehicle.
  8. Datacolor Spyder Cube – Compact camera calibration tool for setting white balance as well as white and black points for editing.
  9. Valleret Merino Photography Glove – Lightweight glove from a specialist photography glove company. Allows use of camera touchscreen functions even with gloves on.
  10. Think Tank Lens Case Duo – A lens case that can carry, and allow access to the lens in a variety of ways. Don’t know which size to get? The Lens Case Duo 20 will be a universally useful size!
  11. Peak Design Field Pouch – This multi-purpose pouch can organize camera accessories with a plethora of pockets, or you can even use it to store a small lenses or pocket cameras. Also works with the aforementioned Slide Lite shoulder strap to turn it into a shoulder bag. Built tough!
  12. Get a Photologo Photography Logo Created – These guys make custom hand-made signatures for photographers to use as signatures and watermarks. I use one when I share my photos online and I love it. As long as you know the name of the person you are getting a gift for, you can get this done in a couple of days and email them the link to download the logo. Great gift if you can’t deliver a gift in person.
  13. Amazon Basics Photography Backpack – There’s some great value to be had from the Basics lineup of photography gear on Amazon. If you need a photography backpack on a budget, look no further.
  14. Manfrotto Pixi Evo Mini Tripod – A great pocket-sized tripod with a ball head. Handy for hikers or travellers.
  15. Zeiss Lens Cleaning and Care Kit – Everything a photographer needs to take care of their lenses. Includes a nice Zeiss branded pouch to keep everything in.
  16. IKAN iLED Micro Video Light – This tiny LED light packs a real punch and is great for shooting video or photographing still life subjects.
  17. Ruggard Fast Action Shoulder Bag – Don’t think your friend would want the previously mentioned Amazon Basics backpack? Try the Fast Action 55 Shoulder Bag from Ruggard. Falling considerably under the $50 limit, this is incredible value.
  18. Leatherman Sideick Multitool – This is a great gift for the adventurous outdoor photographer. I always have a Leatherman in my bag for fixing gear in the field if I’m unlucky enough to break something like a tripod.
  19. Seal Line Seal Pak Waterproof Camera Bag – This waterproof camera case is great for kayakers and fisherman, or someont who is visiting a very wet part of the world.
  20. LensCoat BodyBag – The BodyBag series is a simple neoprene cover to give bump and scratch protection to a camera. They’re available in all sorts of awesome colours and camouflage patterns and I use them all the time when I just want to throw a camera into a regular backpack for the day.
  21. Benro IN00 Ball Head – This great little head also includes an Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate.
  22. BlackRapid Street Breathe Camera Strap – Cross-body carrying strap that keeps the camera by your side. Includes the famous BlackRapid quick release system for the bottom of the camera.
  23. CanvasPop Prints – If you’re able to get hold of the a photo file from your friend in a sneaky way, why not get them a print of one of their favourite images?  CanvasPop specialize in framed canvas prints that are ready to hang.
  24. Custom SLR C-Loop Strap Kit – If you don’t want to get your friend a brand new camera strap because you know they like their existing one, you can get a C-Loop to convert it to a sling-style carrying system.
  25. Seagate 1TB USB Drive – Photographers are pretty bad at backing up their photos, so you can help save your friend from disaster by getting then a 1TB hard drive. This will store tens of thousands of photos on a drive from a trusted brand. At under $50, there’s no better deal for digital storage.
  26. 3-Legged Thing Universal L Plate – An L plate is a great upgrade for avid landscape photographers who use a tripod.

Photography Gifts Under $25

  1. Tenba Reload Universal Card Wallet – This memory card wallet took home the top honours in our group test for best camera memory card holders. It’s totally universal so you don’t need to know what kind of cards your photographer friend is using.
  2. Atmosphere Aerosol – Smoke in a can, specifically designed to add mood and enhance photographs. (use coupon “SHUTTERMUSE20” for a 20% discount)
  3. Gift Card for B&H Photo – If you’re still not seeing the right thing, give them a gift card for the world’s leading online photography store. You can send it via email or regular “snail” mail with a card. B&H ship internationally, and cards start at $20.
  4. Neewer 5-In-1 Reflector – Incredible value for a 32″ reflector set that has 5 different colours. Perfect for improving portraiture and family photos. Also available in a 42″ size for a few dollars more.
  5. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker – Attache this to your camera or camera bag and use your phone to find your gear when you have misplaced it.
  6. Novelty Film Canister Toilet Roll Dispenser – This one is pretty self-explanatory, but it makes me chuckle.
  7. Photographic Location Guides for the UK – I recently came across a company called Fotovue who are making beautiful photography location guides for several areas of the UK. If you’re buying a gift for someone there, or perhaps someone who is visiting, this is a great idea. Note: The also have a guide to the Dolomites in Italy.
  8. Joby Griptight XL – A flexible tripod for smartphone photography that wraps around objects to provide a steady shooting platform.
  9. Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson – This best selling book is onto its 4th edition now and it’s the perfect gift for the beginner photographer that’s just getting to grips with their new DSLR or mirrorless camera.
  10. Vintage Camera Desk Organizer – Keep the desk free from clutter with this cool looking camera-shaped organizer.
  11. Camera Christmas Tree Ornaments – Fun tree decorations for the holiday season.
  12. Camouflage Netting – Do you know an avid wildlife photographer? Cammo netting is useful for creating a simple shooting screen between two tree so that you can lie in wait without being seen. You can also use it to cover car windows if you’re shooting from a vehicle. Comes in a huge variety of sizes but many are under the $50 mark.
  13. LowePro Gear Up Wrap – This cool camera accessory holder rolls up into a wrap. I reviewed it quite recently and found it to be an excellent organizer.

Photography Gifts Under $10

  1. Lens Mug – An insulated coffee mug shaped like a camera lens.
  2. Think Tank Battery Holder – Every photographer has AA batteries in their kit for one reason or another. This Think Tank case is how I organize all of mine.
  3. Hot Shoe Spirit Level – A simple tool that works on any camera to make sure that your camera is level while you take a photo. Straight horizon lines in photos are a quick way to improve anyone’s photography!
  4. Giottos Rocket Air Blaster Sensor Cleaner – Keep the camera sensor free from dust with this simple squeezable solution. Just maybe don’t pack it in your hand luggage if you’re flying!
  5. Nite Ize Gear Ties – Perfect for organizing all those charging cables that always clutter up photo bags.
  6. Photography Wrist Band Set – Great for kids or as a stocking stuffer!
  7. Camera Cookie Cutter  – If you give this as a gift, you might also get cookies in return!
  8. Sensei Cap Keeper – Loosing a lens cap is a pain in the ass. The Cap Keeper sticks to a lens cap and then allows you to clip the cap to your bag/shoulder strap/belt when it is removed from the lens.
  9. Photography Quotes Notebook – This notebook contains drawings of vintage cameras and a selection of famous photography quotes. I actually bought one direct from the artist many years ago, but now they can be had much cheaper through Amazon.
  10. Custom SLR Pro Dot – These small, textured rubber dots stick to your shutter button to provide better feel and grip. People love them! Just read the review on the B&H store. They come as a 2-pack for well under $10.
  11. Impact White Diffuser for Macro – This collapsible white diffuser is something I always carry with me for macro photography. It’s small, cheap and diffuses harsh light on your subject into a nice soft glow to remove distracting highlights. A macro essential item.
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