I worked hard last year to update my Shutter Muse gear guide. Something new that I added is a few “kits”, which combine products from the various different categories, to create a kit for a specific purpose. One of these kits is my Ultimate Adventure Combo. This collection of products has been my go-to camera bag kit for the past year or more. There will always be some specialist scenarios that call for a slightly different carrying solution, but this Ultimate Adventure Combo is designed to deal with the majority of the photography that I do. It’s perfect for landscape photography, adventure, travel and even wildlife photography with lenses in the 400mm range like my Canon 400mm f/4 DO IS II.

I’ve written much more detail about this kit on the dedicated page for it in the gear guide. 

Get a Free Gift From MindShift Gear

MindShift Gear just launched a new incentive program that I want to share with you. When you click one my links to the MindShift website and spend more than $50 in their store, you’ll automatically get the option to choose a free gift when you get to the checkout. For more details on this special offer, I’ve detailed everything here. The important thing is that to initiate the automatic process of getting the free gift, you need to click one of my links to their store, like this one, or any of the product specific ones further down the page.

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