best way to name image files for seo

Image SEO – How To Name Your Files

Optimizing images for SEO is an important step in the overall optimization of your website. Correctly naming your files is a crucial step in this process. Find out the best way to name your image files so that they show up in Google searches.

Impact Shooting Table Review

Today we’re taking a quick look at a shooting table from Impact. These can be handy for macro photography, or product photography when working with small objects, like jewelry. I often want to take quick photos of small review items, so I’ve wanted to check out a shooting table for some time. The Impact Shooting Table is only $89 from B&H Photo, so it’s an affordable solution, and it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. What’s important, is to be able to quickly get that infinite white backdrop, and I was hoping a table like this could do it with a …

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Finding New Clients

No matter one’s geographic market, genre, or niche, the cliché saying, “It’s not how good you are but who you know,” is a lot more true than most emerging creatives would like to admit. I’ve heard a lot of whining over the years about how some guy got some gig just because he knew some dude. Well of course he did! The buyer felt that they could trust that relationship enough to move forward. Welcome to the ‘land of the real’ my friend (yep, that’s a Matrix movie reference 🙂 Creative freelancers gain more quality leads and better client engagements …

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Stay Out There With Adobe & The Creative Cloud

I want to share some exciting news with you guys today! I don’t usually link back to my portfolio website from here on Shutter Muse, but today is a special occasion. I’m delighted to announce a new partnership with Adobe and their Creative Cloud Photography plan. To celebrate this new partnership, I shared an in-depth story about creating the panoramic image above. You can read the full story about it and learn about the adjustments that I made to it on my website. As I said, I don’t often (if ever) post links back to my other site for …

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ENDED – Killer Photo Deal For A Few More Hours – 90% Discount!

This deal has now ended Jay and Varina Patel from Visual Wilderness are running an excellent deal for the next few hours on a bundle of photography training products from themselves and other well-known photographers like Colby Brown, Ian Plant and Sean Bagshaw. The bundle features a selection of ebooks and training videos that covers all you need to know about landscape photography, travel photography and processing that kind of work in Lightroom and Photoshop. Usually, the bundle’s contents would sell for $500, but if you hurry, you can get it for $49.   Bundle Includes…. Video Courses, ebooks, and …

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8 Pieces of Essential Macro Photography Gear

When I teach my photography workshops, it’s always fun to see a student’s face when they try out a macro lens for the first time. Invariably, all their shots for the rest of the day are explorations of the tiny world around us. It’s a fascinating perspective, but it’s a challenging form of photography to perfect. I’ve put together a list of macro photography gear tips for you to consider. Surprisingly, a dedicated macro lens is NOT on this essential macro photography gear list: There are several ways to shoot macro photos without needing to spend a ton of money on a new …

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