Author: Dan Carr

Luke Massey Talks About His Wildlife Photography

Luke Massey is a young British wildlife photographer who shares some of his bird photography in this short video.  He was recently selected as one of 2020Vision’s young champions. The 2020 Vision team carry out assignments that aim to communicate the connection between habitat restoration and our own well being.  It’s a great little video that shows some wonderful British wildlife and Luke makes the important point that with wildlife photography success comes not just from patience, but also knowing your subject inside and out.  Knowing their routines, their habitats and their behavior. How To Find Luke You can...

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Gear We Like: Gura Gear Chobe Bag

As a photographer, travel is often an essential part of the job, certainly for me it is. Getting your equipment to and from your location safely and easily can take a little bit of trial and error, particularly when it comes to finding the right bag. The Gura Gear Chobe shoulder bag has been my travel bag of choice since its launch and this one has traveled the world with, not that you’d know to look at it. Its comfortable, thoughtful, discrete and stylish. Read on to find out more about my favorite travel companion.

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