As more and more people read this website every month, I’ve been quietly working in the background to make some important updates.  Firstly things should be getting gradually faster and faster as I have been using a magical service called Imagify, to go through the 4000 images on the site and compress them to a smaller file size. This will decrease page loading time, and it’s just the first step in a speed boosting plan that I’ll be implementing in the fist half of this year. I’ve actually been so impressed with this Imagify that I plan on writing a full post about it soon, because it’s simply brilliant for photographers who have a WordPress website.

Secondly, you’ll now notice in the URL bar of your browser that will read as instead of using the old http protocol. You should also see the green padlock, meaning the page is now encrypted and secured by SSL.

There’s a possibility that in the very shot term, this might throw up a few issues here and there. Perhaps you find an image that doesn’t appear to load, or a link in a post that doesn’t work as expected. If you find something like that, it would be a HUGE help to me if you let me know by either commenting on the post or using the contact form to send me a message! I’m pretty sure I’ve got it all sorted, but there’s still the possibility I missed one or two.


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