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5 Lessons Learned From A Journey Into Film Photography

Everything old is new again. The Nikon Df might be the latest and most hotly debated, but Fujifilm, Olympus and other manufacturers are clamoring to inject a little vintage nostalgia into their digital innovations. But instead of rushing out to buy the hot new old thing, let me propose that when it comes to getting back to the basics of photography, absolutely nothing is better than the real thing. In this post, I’ll share just a few of my impressions and top lessons learned from a year-long adventure with film photography.

Upcoming Talk In London – Telegraph Outdoor Show

I’m happy to say that I’ll be flying over to London next month to talk at the Telegraph Outdoor Show during an event organized by Outdoor Photographer magazine. I’ll be speaking on Friday, Feb 14th and Saturday, Feb 15th. For more info on the show, you can check out their page here. There will be question time at the end of my talks, but I’ll also set aside a little extra time after that for Shutter Muse readers to come and chat to me personally. This talk will primarily be about my winter sports photography work but many other fantastic photographers are talking …

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Save 94% On Photography eBooks, Videos & Presets

This is the kind of deal I don’t think I’ve ever seen in the photography marketplace so it definitely warrants a quick post.  Many of the world’s best photo educators have pooled their training products into an amazing bundle and are selling it for a crazy discount for just 5 days!  I’ve already downloaded the whole package and there’s just so much to take it, it’ll keep you buy for the whole of 2014. Photographers include: Richard Bernabe Martin Bailey Nicole Young Jim Goldstein Karren Hutton ….. and many more. The number of products is quite incredible and normally the …

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MindShift Rotation 180 Giveaway Winner

Last month we ran our very first Shutter Muse Giveaway.  We partnered with MindShift Gear to give you guys the opportunity to win their awesome Rotation 180 Professional backpack.  We ran the contest on Facebook and the winner was randomly selected by the contest software on Boxing Day.  Patrick Kawahara from California was chosen as the winner and his pack has already been shipped out to him! Safe to say he was pretty darned excited to win it when I contacted him 🙂 UPDATE: Patrick kindly sent this photo of him with his prize.  AWESOME! This was just the fist …

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