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How to Take Self Portrait Mountain Bike Photos With Pocketwizards

I’ve always thought it would be fun to be the subject of one of my own photos so this summer I set out to capture some mountain bike photos using a custom setup with a trigger switch and PocketWizards mounted to my bike. I’m pretty pleased with the resulting images so I’m going to dissect the setup for you here and maybe you’ll be inspired to try the same kind of thing sometime with a sport that you enjoy!

10 Useful Ways For Photographers & Creative Professionals To Use Evernote

Organization For Photographers & Creatives Organization is a key element to running a successful business and in an increasingly digital world, running a paperless office is now a real possibility and also highly beneficial for photographers and other creative professionals. Evernote is a free service that allows you to store your information and data in a central cloud and then access it from any of your devices, or simply through a regular internet browser. Entrepreneurs and businesses all around the world have embraced the service as a one-stop, always accessible repository for their important information and data. It works by …

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I Achieved One of My Dreams: Red Bull Illume Finalist

The Red Bull Illume photo contest is one of the biggest photo contests in the world, and amongst action and adventure sports photographers, nothing tops its prestige. With the might of Red Bull’s media power, this contest gets far more global exposure in mainstream media than any other photography contest.  When I first started to shoot a lot of action sports at the beginning of my career, it was always a dream of mine to be selected as a finalist in this contest because those images are taken on a world tour to be exhibited in several major cities. The contest takes …

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How to Get Better Engagement With Facebook Photos – Post Multiple Images

Facebook has become an integral part of many creative businesses’ marketing strategies and central to many of these plans is spreading the word about how awesome your photography is by sharing images. Since Google+ was launched and was such a hit with photographers, Facebook has been trying to smarten up the way they work with images in your news feed. One of the changes they have made this year is in the way they display your post when you have just uploaded multiple images or a new gallery. I’ve posted this quick 4-image gallery from my recent testing of the new Canon …

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Mindshift Panorama Padded Insert Review – Do You Need It?

Important Note: This padded insert was specifically designed for the MindShift Rotation 180 Panorama backpack. This pack is now out of production and has been superseded by the MindShift Rotation 22L. You can read my MindShift Rotation 22L review for more details about the bag or my Think Tank Stash Master review for details about the padded camera cubes that have since replaced this Panorama insert. Mindshift makes a couple of different padded inserts for their photography backpacks and this one is for the Mindshift Rotation 180 Panorama backpack. The Panorama backpack doesn’t have back panel access to the interior …

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