Month: July 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Extension Tubes

What Is an Extension Tube? An extension tube is a spacer that sits between your lens and the camera body to alter the MFD (minimum focus distance). The MFD of a lens is a measurement of the closest point a subject can be from the camera’s sensor, whilst still being able to focus. If a subject is closer to the sensor than a lens’ MFD, you cannot focus on that subject. The thicker the extension tube used on a lens, the higher the lens magnification becomes as you’re able to move the lens much closer and still achieve focus....

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Canon Vs. Kenko Extension Tubes

Extension tubes are a useful accessory that allows you to shorten the minimum focus distance of a lens by moving it further away from your camera’s sensor. In other words, it allows you to get closer to your subject and often create macro-like images without the need for a dedicated macro lens. If you aren’t yet familiar with extension tubes, I would first encourage you to read my guide: The Ultimate Guide to Extension Tubes. Having read the guide, or perhaps you already know all about the tubes already, you’ve obviously come to the conclusion that you’d like to buy...

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New Peak Design Everyday Backpack, Tote and Sling

UPDATE These new bags were funded via Kickstarter and are now available on the Peak Design store. As a friend of the site, you can get a free gift when you purchase any of these bags, as long as you click through to their store through this link.   At the end of 2015, photography accessory manufacturer Peak Design launched their incredibly popular Kickstarter campaign for the Everyday Messenger bag. Before the campaign was over, they’d raised over $4.5million and broken some serious Kickstarter records! This week their back at it again, and now they’re looking to expand their...

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Think Tank “My 2nd Brain” Laptop Bag Review

A quite note: My readers can get a free gift from Think Tank Photo when they spend more the $50 in their store after clicking one of the Think Tank links on this page. I may make a small commission if you do this, but I purchased this laptop bag for full price from a store, just like everyone else, and my opinions on it are based upon my usage of it for my business. More details about the gift here. The Best Laptop Bag for Photographers? For a lot of photographers, being on the road is part and...

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MindShift Rotation 180 Horizon Backpack Review

Regular readers of the site will be well aware of MindShift’s products by now, but if this is your first time here then let me fill you in quickly. MindShift Gear is the sister company to Think Tank Photo, one of the biggest and most popular camera bag manufacturers in the business. Think Tank are known for their urban carrying solutions, as well as their now ubiquitous roller bags which are the de-facto standard for many professionals. MindShift Gear is run by the same folks, but their solutions are purely tailored to the outdoor photography market. If you like...

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Lowepro Highline RL x400 Travel Roller Bag Review

Lowepro’s First Travel Bags Lowepro have been making photography bags for decades, but recently they launched a series of travel bags that applies their knowledge to a new market. I was particularly interested in the Highline series, but it must be underlined that the Highline backpacks in that range are not camera bags at all. They have no internal padding for camera gear whatsoever. It’s a Lowerpro bag, but not as you’ve seen before! At the top of the Highline series is the x400 roller bag, and this one instantly peaked my interest for a number of reasons. The...

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Cloud Cover Forecasting for Photography

Cloud cover can make or break many kinds of outdoor photographic opportunities and that’s why the website Clear Dark Sky should be bookmarked by any discerning photographer. This website, originally intended for astronomers, will give you a cloud cover forecast for a specific time and location. Whilst most people will immediately imagine using this to predict clear skies at night for astrophotography, there’s no reason why you can’t also use it to predict days of overcast conditions which are often preferred for wildlife and macro photography. As you can see from the screenshot, the simple charts manage to pack...

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Perfectly Clear Summer Sale – Save $50

Perfectly Clear make a bundle of Lightroom and Photoshop plugins that are designed to speed up your editing workflow. The Perfect Eyes and Perfect Skin plugins are designed to make killer portraits with a minimal number of clicks, and the Perfect Exposure plugin can help with all kinds of images. Whilst many plugin providers aim to give you more control over your editing process, Perfectly Clear have always aimed at the other end of the spectrum: Do as much as possible with as few clicks as possible. For event photographers and wedding photographers who are potentially churning out hundreds of...

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