EOS R Adapters for EF Lenses

Alongside the launch of the new EOS R full-frame mirrorless camera, Canon also unveiled a trio of EF lens adapters. These adapters will allow users of the 150 million EF and EF-S lenses in existence to attach them to the upcoming EOS R, and any future RF mount cameras without losing any functionality. Note that EF-S lenses are compatible with the adapters, but using one will put the EOS R camera automatically into a cropped mode to prevent vignetting from the small image circle of a lens that’s designed for APS-C and not full-frame. Mount adapters are nothing new for mirrorless …

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Canon Launches New 400mm f/2.8 III and 600mm f/4 III Super Telephoto Lenses With Huge Weight Savings

As well as unveiling their new full-frame mirrorless EOS R system, Canon also proved that there’s still life yet in the EF system if you’re a professional sports or wildlife photographer. New Mark III versions of the 400mm f/2.8 L IS and 600mm f/4 L IS are due to ship this December with added lens coatings, totally reworked optical designs and significantly reduced weights compared to their predecessors. 5-stop Image stabilization (up from 4-stops on the II versions) Huge weight savings (25% on the 400mm, 20% on the 60mm) New electronic focus-by-wire system Adjustable focus speed in three steps New …

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Sony Launches New Series of Tough Waterproof SD Cards

Sony’s range of memory cards continues to grow, and now includes a new Tough series of professional grade UHS-II cards within the existing SF-G SD card range. Sony are touting these cards as the “world’s toughest SD cards”, and when you see how they are built, it’s hard to argue with that claim. Rather than being built from multiple pieces like a standard SD card, the Tough series of SF-G cards have their casings moulded from a single piece of plastic. They forgo the sliding write protection switch in favour of this more rugged design, and also lack the thin …

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Nikon Launches the Compact Nikkor 500mm F/5.6E PF Lens

Nearly overshadowed by the launch of Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras was the official launch and price details of the exciting Nikkor 500mm f/5.6E PF lens – scheduled for a September 13th 2018 launch at $3599.95. The lens is the second lens in the Nikkor lineup to utilize a phase fresnel lens element (PF), after the Nikkor 300mm f/4 PF. Fresnel lens technology allows for smaller and lighter lenses by bending light at a more acute angle than standard aspherical lens elements. The resulting short length (23.7cm) of the new 500mm PF will surely be exciting for wildlife photographers who want …

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Nikon’s New Full Frame Mirrorless System Just a Couple of Days Away

Nikon continue to teases us with more videos about their upcoming new full frame mirrorless cameras, the supposed Z6 and Z7. In their latest video, camera beta testers share their first opinions and we get another few sneaky glances at the camera’s form factor. The cameras will be unveiled on the 23rd of August. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nIi_p0wLHkM    

Nikon and Their Camera Durability Testing

Nikon Asia published this fascinating look at the durability testing procedures for their high end cameras. The video features the D850 and has lots of interesting tidbits in it about temperature and humidity testing, among other things.

Nikon Teases Full Frame Mirrorless Camera + Leaked Photos

I don’t tend to write too many news stories on this site but every now and then something comes up that will surely make waves within the industry. Rumours have been swirling around for some time about a potential full frame mirrorless camera from Nikon, and judging by the teaser video they just released, it appears that we are going to see it very soon. The video clearly highlights a brand new mount which will be called the FX mount. The photography industry has been patiently waiting for both Nikon and Canon to enter the full frame mirrorless market so …

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